Press Release Cool Life CRM and Caprice Capital Partners

Press Release: Caprice Capital Partners engages Cool Life CRM as their CRM partner.

Cool Life CRM, Inc. is excited to announce a client relationship with Caprice Capital Partners.

Capice Capital Partners, LLC is a private investment firm focused on providing debt and minority equity investments in small and lower-middle-market companies based in the US. Their investment strategy is focused on partnering directly with ownership and management to provide flexible debt and equity solutions including growth capital, MBO, M&A, shareholder liquidity, or family/generational transition. Capice is industry agnostic and focuses more on the owners, operators, and the specific situation.

About Cool Life CRM ( Cool Life CRM is a business automation platform with a robust 360° CRM, Outlook and Office integrations, Content Management System, Dynamic Reporting Tools, Secure Client Portals, Project Management with Billing and Templates, Full Digital and Email Marketing Suite, Sales Pipelines, Event Management, API, and Intuitive Administrative functions. The platform enables faster prospecting and sales, the discovery of business insights, and is both HIPAA and FINRA compliant.

Contact: Mark Lingerman, COO

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