Our Philosophy

Simple Pricing. No Third-Party Programming. Lightning-Fast Implementation.

Many-to-Many Data Architecture

Eliminates forced duplicates and creates data that can be mined in unlimited ways for untold insights.

On the first level, our data allows you to filter on all the fields and create real-time reporting that gives you decision quality data on any device, from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. Salesforce, Dynamics, and other competitors create databases that share your data with their other clients and call your data up by a specified identifier. At Cool Life, your data is not shared with anyone, your data resides in a database that is all yours. At the next level, artificial intelligence and machine learning can easily be applied to your data to gain valuable insights.

Why we implement faster

We’ve all heard stories of Saleforce and Dynamics becoming black holes of programming expense and months overdue on implementation.

Cool Life is configurable, not programmed. As such, we can get your tools stood up in a fraction of the time that it takes our competitors, even if you want highly customized workflows. Our database architecture as well as all-in-one construction allows our modules to all talk to each other. This saves you time and money on your implementation, usually as much as 70%. We are done faster and you spend less money for a better system.

We’re more responsive to you!

One client told us about their nightmare of not getting updates from Salesforce for 9 months!

We communicate. The good or the bad, we’ll give it to you straight and quickly. Our team resolves ticketed requests in less than 24 hours. We are more responsive and communicative because we want to be…that’s it. We value your business and respect your business requirements. It is one of our company values, we respond quickly.

We want your business.

Can we say it any more plainly?

We love business and we love businesses. All of the partners and board have started, invested, and exited businesses. We love it! We love the pace of business and helping businesses succeed. We want to help you become the next success story, hit a billion-dollar valuation, or accomplish whatever your goals are. We love being a part of it.