Our Philosophy

Simple Pricing, No Third-Party Programming, Lightning-Fast Implementation

Many-to-Many Data Architecture

Eliminates forced duplicates, allowing data to be mined in unlimited ways, for untold insights!

At the first level, data can be filtered on all fields to create real-time reporting, giving users decision quality data, on any device, anywhere, at any time! 

Other platforms co-mingle client data and retrieve it using specified identifiers. With Cool Life, data is never shared. Each individual client’s data resides on an exclusive and secure database. Maintaining data in an exclusive environment guarantees that any client subject to regulatory oversight is always safe, secure, and in compliance.

The next level allows for the easy integration of A-I and Machine Learning to your data, cultivating valuable insights. 

Why we implement faster

Too many companies fall victim to bloated programing costs and never-ending implementation delays!

Because our platform is configurable, Cool Life eliminates 3rd party programing costs. By comparison, this allows us to have our clients up and running in a fraction of the time than the competition. Our onboarding process includes training, tailored sdfsdfs specifically to client needs as well as the implementation of process automation tools and unlimited APIs. Our approach is faster, less expensive, and delivers a superior product, bottom line!

We’re more responsive

Our commitment to client satisfaction is un-paralleled!

We hear you. The support team at Cool Life maintains a constant open line of communication. We never allow a ticketed request to go un-resolved for more than 24 hours. One of our unwavering core values is to treat every single client business requirement with the utmost respect.

We want your business

Can we say it any more plainly?

We love business and we love businesses. All of the partners and board have started, invested, and exited businesses. We love it! We love the pace of business and helping businesses succeed. We want to help you become the next success story, hit a billion-dollar valuation, or accomplish whatever your goals are. We love being a part of it.

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