Press Release Cool Life CRM partners with Hyper Source

At its core, Cool Life is powered by a robust 360° CRM which improves internal and external communication as well as prospecting. The unique database structure, which is both HIPAA and FINRA compliant eliminates the confusing duplicates that permeate other CRMs. You can clearly see the relationships that people in your database have with other people in your database…same company? Worked on the same deals? Cool Life integrates Office 365, G-Suite, and others so that you will not spend your time frustratedly searching through email threads. All of your prospecting emails are housed right in the contact record along with any other direct communication you’ve had with the prospect or client. Also housed in the contact record is anything related back to pipeline status or project management. An open API feeds your proprietary data and gives you real-time actionable information on prospects.

Our clients love the design of our reporting. Many in the finance industry have commented that they got their nights and weekends back because of the powerful and easy reporting tools. In just a few clicks, Cool Life creates secure reports on your sales pipeline, deals status, and projects for managers, executives, boards, or clients. Reports that used to take hours and the complex coordination now take seconds and can be emailed securely right from your dashboard. Reports can be as granular as a single deal or as broad as the entire firm. 

Segmentation is the key to effective marketing. Send the right message to the right contact at the right time. Cool Life gives you the freedom to create marketing automation that does it for you from right inside the platform. With Hyper Source’s AI expertise Cool Life’s platform adds powerful machine learning for improved marketing results, conversion, and retention.

Get everyone on the same page with native project management. Having project management inside of your platform eliminates communication errors and saves time because all of your email communication is contained and visible in the project and contact records. With dashboard level reporting you will have clear insights into the entire firm. All project-related deadlines flow directly into your connected G-Suite or Office 365 calendar.

With at-a-glance sales pipelines, you can quickly see exactly where the entire firm stands or, easily drill down into the detail. This gives managers and executives real-time data on the prospecting and sales status at all times.

When the power of Cool Life’s platform is coupled with its ease-of-use and intuitive administration, as well as the AI talent of HyperSource, the low cost of implementation is very surprising. There is no need for third-party programming or administrators that require certification.

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