Press Release Cool Life CRM Named in the 10 Most Recommended CRM Solution Providers

Cool Life CRM: Creating A World Free of Unexpected & Excessive Programming Fees

“Keeps us organized, provides transparency to our leadership on the sales team, drives revenue, a great depository for all our data too!” says one of the testimonials about Cool Life CRM – a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for businesses across various industries such as textiles, investment banking, food and beverages, health and wellness and more. Founded with the mission to make a low-cost CRM system easy to implement and maintain, Cool Life CRM is at the forefront of helping clients make better business decisions.

Cool Life CRM platform was designed to increase the velocity of business, streamline operations, create efficiencies, and discover actionable management insights. This premium, secure business tool has robust CRM, Project Management, Lead Management, and Content Management. With Cool Life CRM, clients experience a world free of unexpected and excessive programming fees! It brings many necessary business tools together in one tool and dashboard. A different testimonial called it, “The by far best CRM value in the market!” It would be fair to say that Cool Life CRM provides one of the best platforms in the market today.

Promoting easy adaptability and versatility

The firm’s pathbreaking offering, the Cool Life CRM, has been created from the ground up to promote easy adaptability and versality. With the Cool Life CRM platform, users are able to report accurately against data, and the client sales team benefits from the one-click methodology for keeping the pipeline current. Cool Life CRM platform also provides visibility by maintaining the contact with prospects and customers on a centralized intuitive CRM platform ensuring a thorough understanding of customer relationships. The reporting tools provided by the CRM solution aids in report creation using the data the Cool Life collects.

According to Cool Life’s Founder & CEO, David Cummings, the system was created with architecture based on a ‘no assumptions’ philosophy. David explains, “We don’t anticipate knowing everything a vertical or an individual may need. Our architecture is extremely flexible in adding or enhancing features and functionality to accommodate any requirements. Our mission is to significantly streamline and organize its clients’ business processes, improving on analysis of data via quality reporting, leading to better marketing execution, instead of juggling one-off, disconnected tasks.”

Providing clients with solutions that help better manage business

Since the foundation of Cool Life, the firm has been providing clients with cloud solution that help businesses better manage their clients, data, marketing, partners and sales pipeline. The backbone of Cool Life CRM, David says, is a database that powers the client’s Customer Relationship Manager, eMail Marketing, website and landing pages, campaign management that extends the customer lifecycle, and increases sales through Sales Performance Management. “A widely recognized benefit is saving costs with a single solution. Clients not only see an increase in ROI through cost savings and growing sales, but they also see increases in return on time invested,” says David.

Over the course of last 17 years, Cool Life has evolved significantly and according to the needs and requirements of its clients. One such example is when David recalls, “As the Cool Life team heard that companies were unhappy with expensive, complicated, and unwieldy system installs, we evolved from custom programming and digital marketing into an easy-to-use and install SaaS platform. Companies needed a best-in-class, cloud-based business solution that was robust and customizable, but that did not require outside programmers or specialized training for IT staff. Our platform meets those business requirements providing a user-friendly admin panel and a painless on-boarding process. The Cool Life Client Services team fully supports the product eliminating the necessity for clients to hire and specially certify additional IT personnel. The low one-time installation fee includes training and eliminates on-going and unexpected IT expenses!”

As per David, Cool Life is a more advanced system, pertinent in providing features and functions that can integrate everyday business processes across a company with several divisions. “The platform is especially useful for businesses that have long or complex sales cycles requiring continual customer connection. We also offer collaborative project management tools, document management and archives, event management, a Content Management System (CMS), email campaign management, and more,” he further adds.

Additionally, David says that it is a collaborative system that enables management to assess the status of customer prospects without disrupting those interfacing with prospects, promoting these end-users working together toward common goals of customer acquisition. Similar to its competition, “Cool Life can be scaled globally as a network, but what sets us apart is the ease of scalability that we offer to modify or augment the system, according to changing needs of the business. This brings an immediate benefit, and avoids the time and expense associated with the drudgery of hiring consultants, writing business rules and modifying and testing code, as is so prevalent with other CRM systems,” asserts David.

Helping teams work together better and reduce miscommunication & save time.

The Cool Life CRM platform integrates with G Suite, Microsoft 365 and more. The system connects the calendar, email, and project management all in one place. This ensures the end of frustrating email searches which waste time and emotional energy. Emails at attached to the CRM record, and recorded inside the engagement or project. Teams, managers and executives can quickly review the client communications to ensure that the company communicates with clients and prospects efficiently and effectively. These efficiencies help teams to work together better, reduce miscommunication and wasted time, and ensure that communication is exactly where clients expect it to be!

360° CRM: With Cool Life CRM, all of client’s relationships, referral history, communications, notes, and project management history show up in a single record view which allow them to discover new opportunities. Client needs have grown from simple organization, although Cool Life does that very well. The many-to-many data structure ensures that the CRM does not need to create duplicate records. This keeps the data neat and organized. However, data records have a 360° view. Contacts are attached to their companies so that the entire company can be viewed. Additionally, prospecting is streamlined because past projects and engagements are attached. A salesperson can see what kind of deals a prospect may have worked on in the past who they’ve worked with.

Project/Engagement Management: The platform helps clients oversee engagements and projects, and connect time and billing seamlessly. The project management tool helps teams accomplish more, instantly know where the projects stand, stay organized, smash communication silos, and finish projects quickly. The tool creates projects, milestones, and timelines. Inside of that the tool includes tasks, checklists, and to-dos which connect with the calendar and email. Project files can be uploaded, and notes are shared with the entire team or a single person.  Companies that track billables hours have easy-to-use hours tracking. All completed tasks will roll up and bill the client automatically. This is a very easy way to make sure that payables are collected in a reasonable time and, if the client is on retainer, the billing report can be sent for validation of the retainer reduction. A huge timesaving and efficiency-creating feature is the ability to create project and engagement templates. Many companies use the same process repeatedly.

Prospecting and Lead Management: The platform offers complete sales cycle management and reports results in real-time. Triggers send clients’ prospects and customers into the correct communication stages. Additionally, visual sales pipelines show real-time value of prospecting and sales activities. Management has clarity, insight, and transparency into all phases of the sales process. Furthermore, clients are able to nurture relationships with communication, data, and documents, thereby improving client lifecycle. Cool Life reaches customers’ audience directly with a properly optimized website including Hoovers & LinkedIn connection.

Content Management SystemCool Life’s robust content management system manages client’s digital assets easily and with an eye towards their digital marketing and prospecting campaigns. It will house client’s website, landing pages, thought leadership, white papers, articles and blogs, as well as video and images. The CMS easily integrates their social media, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and more. Because client’s email and corporate SMS numbers are also integrated into Cool Life, creating robust marketing campaigns is simple. The system pushes all of their website’s communications directly into CRM.

Management InsightsCool Life CRM will improve clients’ knowledge of their operation giving insight into areas that need improvement and impact profitability. Dashboard level insights are rolled down into deal and customer level data in just two clicks. It further streamlines client’s workflows and enables accurate and profitable deliverables while tracking time and billing embedded with intuitive functionality.

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