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Our proven methodology and proprietary platform help you achieve your business goals

The Art of the Start
Painless and Rapid Implementation

Everyone loves a plan, and there is nothing like a proven, efficient process. Relying on anything less from your data processing partner increases the chances of wasting time, money, and the risk of failure.

Cool Life’s implementation process is flexible. Because your needs are unique, we carefully craft a scalable approach for your project. Our clients never sacrifice the quality and accuracy they need to effectively achieve their business goals.

Proven Methodology Ensures Your Long-Term Success

Based on years of experience rapidly configuring and deploying our platform, Cool LIfe CRM believes a structured project launch is vital to the long-term success of any relationship. From the beginning, we carefully analyze client needs, side-by-side with their team, to ensure our platform effectively aligns with their business requirements and processes.

Together, we will conduct a thorough examination of your data and workflow processes in order to accurately scope your onboarding timeline and expectations.

From the discovery process, Cool Life engineers will build a map and recommend automations that will reduce overhead by saving time and creating efficiencies.

Working with your team, we implement the workflow and automation templates to the platform and load all live data to the mapped fields.

We will coordinate training with a client liaison and deliver efficient customized training based on the individual client system.

The power of large data sets can be leveraged effectively using Cool LIfe CRM. Our AI/Machine learning division will meet with you to create a customized solution that will allow you to realize previously unimagined and undiscovered efficiencies, processes, and automations.

Business Enablement Platform

By design, our customizable platform easily scales to create efficiencies in any size organization or industry. Our technology powers your company with enhanced team workspaces, real-time quality visualization, and seamless collaboration tools.


All client data resides in secure individual databases, a stark contrast to our competitors, that co-mingle client data. Our database structure meets all HIPAA Data Security Requirements and Cool Life is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory. User management and data security can be enforced down to the field level of individual users. Secure client-facing portals provide safe and confidential document sharing.

Business Tools

All of the native business tools in Cool Life are powered by the 360° CRM.

Performance Reporting

The many to many relational database enables robust and transparent reporting for a single user or multi-business unit enterprise client. Unlike Dynamics, all data and reporting are available with a single signon.

Team Collaboration

The real-time transparency allows teammates in different locations to easily work together without repetition.

"Cool LIfe is always available, whenever we need them. Their ability to scale, makes Cool Life a perfect fit for any company."

How Cool Life Works for You

Straightforward per-user pricing with $0 data or hosting fees; all modules are included


Simplified Pricing

One licensing fee includes the entire platform. There are no additional charges for data usage or contacts.


Rapid Implementation

Your system can be live in 30 days. We can also stand up a system that runs side by side as you decommission your legacy system so that you avoid any business interruptions.


AI & Data

Open API allows for real-time data feeds. LinkedIn connection and Hoovers connections. Connect to unlimted other applicatations.

Ready to Get Started?

We’d love to answer your questions or learn more about your project. Let us know how we can help.

Explore Use Cases

Cool Life CRM can be used in any industry, by any size company

Investment Banking

Specialized business processes. A-I connects contacts that are related but not in your system. Easily match your buy-side or sell-side counter-parties as well as funding sources. One and two-click reporting create times savings and make reporting to LPs and clients efficient and secure.

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Sales & Marketing

Manage your website, blog, landing pages, and marketing automation from one platform. SEO is built-in so there is no need for additional plugins. The system creates segmented lists and can launch auto-responders and nurture campaigns.

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Unlimited business units and divisions and roll-up reporting for all levels. Outlook integration allows your company to work in the processes you already use. Easy adoption and straightforward pricing give enterprise clients a strategic advantage over their competitors who use CRM products that are not well-adopted.

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Host your website and use marketing automation tools to generate interest, share your work, and cultivate donors. Take donations and automated donations. The CRM segments your donor lists so that each segment gets the right message at the right time for giving. Blogging, Articles, Newsletters, and Email marketing keep your donors up to date and your clients properly informed.

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Secure client portals make sharing documents with clients instant. Integration with Microsoft and G-Suite however, Cool Life creates a communication history so the frustrating process of searching for email goes away. Outlook allows you to keep its benefits while leveraging the power of Coool Life’s platform including tracking hourly billing and invoicing clients.

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HIPAA compliant platform helps you grow your practice and messaging. Touchless patient intake forms automate your patient processing and reduce waiting room traffic.

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