Project Management

Native project management ensures that team accomplish their goals and that progress is transparent.

Project management software is used in a variety of ways. Its main purpose is to facilitate the planning and tracking of project components, stakeholders, and resources. Our module is fully integrated and includes the following primary functions: Project planning includes defining a project schedule, using preconfigured or new creation and assignment of tasks, deadlines and status reports. Functionality includes document sharing and collaboration, calendar automation and contact sharing. Project timelines include scheduled meetings, activity dates and contacts that should automatically update across all PM and stakeholder calendars notifying and updating for stakeholders. Time tracking allows all users to provide all time expended throughout all tasks and maintain time vs profitability associated with the associated transaction or record.


Project templates ensure that your team gets it done, on time every time. Creating a project template brings peace of mind that steps are not being missed and that, if a step is late, that step is being flagged not forgotten. Launch new clients and engagements in minutes.

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Integrates with Outlook and Calendar

Cool Life has a two-way seamlessly integration with Outlook. Task, checklist, etc that are assigned will show up on the calendar using Outlooks, Office 365, G-Suite, and other tools.

User and Team Management​

Creating teams is just a click away and user permissions can be managed down to the field level. Supervisors and leaders can be added to update emails so they can receive crucial, timely project updates. Documents and files can be uploaded to projects and shared amongst the team.


Create critical milestones to keep the task on track. Milestones are comprised of tasks to ensure continuity of project planning and workflow. Integrates with Outlook, etc.


Delineate acceptance criteria for tasks, estimate percent complete, and outline checklists for accomplishment. Tasks can be billable and tracked upwards for the entire project. Integrates with Outlook, etc.


Schedule to-do lists and integrate with Outlook, etc. Assign to a teammate. Never miss another deadline.

Shared Files​

Put all of the required assets into the project. Files, videos, or images can be shared across the team so that everyone has the tools they need to accomplish their part of the project.

Why Choose Cool Life CRM?

Straightforward pricing with $0 data or hosting fees. All modules are included. Cool Life is generally 25-35% less than Salesforce or Dynamics.


Dashboard + Report

We don’t sell complicated data and licensing plans. One price covers the entire platform. AND, we average 25-35% less than Salesforce and Dynamics.


Rapid Implementations

Depending on the complexity of your company, your system can be live in 30 days. We can also stand up a system that runs side by side as you decommission your legacy system so that you avoid any business interruptions.


AI & Data

Your system will give you reports as broad as firmwide or down to a single producer. Your data will be formatted to be used in web 3.0 AI. Your data is secure and not co-mingled as with our competitors.

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