Data and AI

Organize your contacts and discover relationships

It’s all data. Cool Life can handle any type of data you need to track or manage including data feeds from your supply chain or sales network. Your data can also have artificial intelligence and machine learning applied so that you are able to find and create exponential savings and growth. Many companies now have terabytes of structured and unstructured data, yet lack the ability to use it for insights and automation. Turn that valuable asset into business results.

Find Insights

Whether it is your CRM, marketing, or supply chain, Cool Life’s data architecture is designed to help you find the kind of insights that will deliver business results.

Create Automations


We can quickly and painlessly map your data and processes to the system relieving your team of the burden of that task.

Why Choose Cool Life CRM?

Straightforward pricing with $0 data or hosting fees. All modules are included. Cool Life is generally 25-35% less than Salesforce or Dynamics.


Dashboard + Report

We don’t sell complicated data and licensing plans. One price covers the entire platform. AND, we average 25-35% less than Salesforce and Dynamics.


Rapid Implementations

Depending on the complexity of your company, your system can be live in 30 days. We can also stand up a system that runs side by side as you decommission your legacy system so that you avoid any business interruptions.


AI & Data

Your system will give you reports as broad as firmwide or down to a single producer. Your data will be formatted to be used in web 3.0 AI. Your data is secure and not co-mingled as with our competitors.

Explore Use Cases

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