Real-Time Data. Safe & Secure. AI and Machine Learning.

Your system will update in real-time and updates will be deployed without disrupting your business functions. Cool Life has redundant server farms so that you don’t suffer downtime. We know from clients that other services go down frequently. Keeping your data securely in the cloud, Cool Life is the best option to ensure your uptime and reduce the frustration of your team.


All of the modules across your entire platform are available in real-time. If you need pipeline data you will have the data that is live right up to that minute! If you want to see all the notes that have been added to prospects you can pull that report live and view exactly what's being done that day.

Safe and Secure

Cool Life constantly tests our systems to protect against potential intrusions. Our military-grade protection combined with triple-redundant serves protection ensures that your system is up, and secure when you need it.

In-house AI expertise and platform

You hear about AI and machine learning. We have in-house expertise in this field. Let us walk you through a discovery call to discuss what AI is and how it can be applied to your company to create efficiency and automation.

No servers for you to manage

You don't need certified administrators to run servers or administrate the users. Cool Life is designed to be user-friendly so we handle the upgrades centrally. Your team doesn't need to ever download or install new software or upgrades. You drive your business and we'll keep the oil changed in the engine!!

Why Choose Cool Life CRM?

Straightforward pricing with $0 data or hosting fees. All modules are included. Cool Life is generally 25-35% less than Salesforce or Dynamics.


Dashboard + Report

We don’t sell complicated data and licensing plans. One price covers the entire platform. AND, we average 25-35% less than Salesforce and Dynamics.


Rapid Implementations

Depending on the complexity of your company, your system can be live in 30 days. We can also stand up a system that runs side by side as you decommission your legacy system so that you avoid any business interruptions.


AI & Data

Your system will give you reports as broad as firmwide or down to a single producer. Your data will be formatted to be used in web 3.0 AI. Your data is secure and not co-mingled as with our competitors.

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