Administration of Cool Life does not require certifications and special training.

Many of our competitors require you to send your IT administrators to be specially trained. Cool Life has been intentionally designed to be administered by normal people. You won’t need specialized IT people because your data is not shared among other clients. As a result, you do not need specialized skills to ensure that it doesn’t co-mingle. This also keeps your data safe and ensures that it is protected and secure.

Easily to Administer

Special Certifications are NOT needed

Intuitive for Administrators and users

The Cool Life User and System Admin tools are straightforward and intuitive to use. Many CRM’s require a certified admin to manage the system for you. This is not a benefit to you! Because our data is structured so that you are not sharing data with other clients, the administration is easily accomplished by even the most inexperienced user.

sales team

Eliminate expensive and unnecessary admin certifications

Your team will be able to work in your business, not on certifications. Because of our data and user permissioning structure, the platform is simple to administer and does not require a certified admin to manage it. Cool Life CRM will train and develop internal administrators or we will provide the services for you.

Customizable Screen Manager

Users have different responsibilities, permissions, and requirements, making it difficult to all function effectively with the same view and access to data. Properly constructed screen views are essential. Your users have the ability - based on the configuration of data permissions - to access individual user screen adjustments or a preset group permission schema, or even a global view if it is determined that your entire company requires the same view. After all, it is about flexibility and options.

Just one platform to manage

Cool Life eliminates the need for many different systems making your systems admin’s life simpler and bringing focus. Having all of the business systems in one place with one set of user rules creates efficiency and streamlines business operations. Single sign-on reduces the “lost password” busywork and improves security by reducinging the number of properties that your company can be attacked.

Unlimited Customizable Fields

Want to rename fields to match up with your company’s vocabulary? Simple. Need a new field for marketing attribution or to improve some other aspect of KPI tracking? No problem. With a few clicks, your new fields are created and propagated in real-time.

Unlimited Customizable Tables

Our clients enjoy unique instances of a database. Many CRM providers use a unified database with the data being segmented with a client ID number. Cool Life CRM permits one-to-many or many-to-many relationships. The data in one table may reference similar data in other tables which maintains the integrity of the links among them. This feature enables clean data management by not requiring duplicate data to fill relationships in traditional relational database systems.

Why Choose Cool Life CRM?


Simple Pricing

One price covers the entire platform. There are no complicated data usage or per contact fees. Cool Life averages 25-35% less than Salesforce and Dynamics.


All-in-One System

Un-complicate and simplify. All of our modules are included and can be used across all of your business units. Simplification saves time and money.


Rapid On-boarding

Your system can be live in 30 days. We can also stand up a system that runs side by side as you decommission your legacy system so that you avoid any business interruptions.



Open API allows for real-time data feeds. LinkedIn connection and Hoovers connections. Connect to unlimted other applicatations.

Explore Use Cases

Cool Life CRM can be used in any industry and sized company.


Host your website and use marketing automation tools to generate interest, share your work, and cultivate donors. Take donations and automated donations. The CRM segments your donor lists so that each segment gets the right message at the right time for giving. Blogging, Articles, Newsletters, and Email marketing keep your donors up to date and your clients properly informed.

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Law Firms

Secure client portals make sharing documents with clients instant. Integration with Microsoft and G-Suite however, Cool Life creates a communication history so the frustrating process of searching for email goes away. Outlook allows you to keep its benefits while leveraging the power of Coool Life’s platform including tracking hourly billing and invoicing clients.

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Health Care

HIPAA compliant platform helps you grow your practice and messaging. Touchless patient intake forms automate your patient processing and reduce waiting room traffic.

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