Marketing Automation

Cool Life CRM delivers automated marketing, accelerated sales processes, and organizational alignment all at the same time.

Cool Life CRM is a real-time business enablement suite that empowers business growth and efficient transparency. From the powerful 360° CRM to the 2-click reporting it is the engine that will power the revenue growth that businesses need. Many studies show that CRM adoption increases sales, reduces churn, and allows teams to focus on high-value activities rather than non-productive busywork. Additionally, a CRM will reduce wasted IT hours.

Automated Marketing

Content Management System (CMS), Form Builder, and Reporting: Automated marketing starts with our content management system which is connected directly to the CRM. You will be able to create landing pages, blog posts, articles, and white papers which are all connected in one tool. The form builder (for collecting leads) is fully customizable and any new fields you create are a part of your CRM so they are fully populated with the information your prospects submit. All of your fields are reportable so with a click or two, you can create reports on any field or set of fields. That report can be emailed right from the report builder eliminating the extra steps saving and then attaching to an email.

Dynamic List Segmentation: List segmentation is vital for marketing success. Cool Life automates that process for you with dynamic list segmentation. When a prospect takes an action, they are dynamically added to a different list. This ensures that your firm continues to deliver the best messages for your prospects’ interest level. You can also change their pipeline stage. These dynamic automated actions save your sales team time allowing them to focus their time and energy on closing the hottest prospects.

Drip Campaigns: As your segments evolve and mature, you want to ensure that they receive the correct marketing message in the right time intervals. Drip campaigns accomplish this. Deliver as many email messages as you need to convert leads to clients. Actions that a prospect takes inside a drip campaign can also be segmented dynamically adding to the elegance and sophistication of your 24/7 automated marketing system.

Autoresponders: When prospects request your download or PDF at 2 AM, you can’t wait for a live person to get into the office to view those emails and then send the PDFs out one by one. Cool Life’s autoresponders will instantly fulfill the prospects’ requests. This gives your company the ability to look “live” 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are located. Your firm will instantly respond to any offer that you are making to prospects.

Canned Responses:  With canned responses, your team can create standardized answers to common questions and use those answers in 1 click. This allows your client success and sales teams to eliminate wasted time re-writing the same email over and over again. Your teams improve their professionalism, remove the possibility of unintentional spelling for grammar errors, and improve their rapid response reputation. Your management can be assured that the right message is being sent for all known questions and situations. Marketing, Sales, and Client Success are all improved.

Analytics: Tracking KPIs can be tricky and convoluted. Especially if a human needs to touch the data. However, we are experts at automation and reporting. You can get analytics and reporting from a single sales rep or rolled up all the way to a multi-business unit conglomerate. All of that reporting is in real-time and viewable on a dashboard or in a report.

Accelerated Sales Process

Standardizing Processes: Cool Life CRM gives you the ability to create templates. At each stage of the sales cycle, you can deploy a standardized process that will alert sales management if a step is overdue.  Sales leadership has full transparency into every interaction in the sales process. This approach allows brings clarity to the entire process, gives leaders clear indicators of looming problems, and leverages leadership’s time and effort into the most productive quadrants.

Roll-up reporting: Do you manage a small sales team or oversee sales for an international conglomerate? Either way, Cool Life gives you the reporting that you need. From a rolled-up deal stage pie chart to the deals of a specific producer headquartered anywhere in the world, you are just two clicks from any solution. You no longer need to aggregate data into spreadsheets and connect all the spreadsheets to the main overview spreadsheet! You will be able to identify deals that are stuck or divisions that are underperforming in real-time.

Organizational Alignment

Transparent Reporting

Dashboard Reporting: You can customize which reports are on your dashboard each day and also see reporting in at-a-glance graphics format.

Reports: You can run real-time, ad-hoc reports with just a few clicks. You can turn those reports into templates and have them run at specific times. The reporting you need to run the organization and make decisions is always right at your fingertips.

Single Click Report Emailing: Instead of running a report, saving it as a PDF, changing to email, attaching the report, then sending it, Cool Life enables you to send the report right from the results page. Your report will be delivered as a beautiful HTML report, not as an attachment that your team, clients, or LPs have to download or open an attachment.

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