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Are you losing sales because salespeople aren’t following up? You might not even know the answer!

Statistically, yes.  You are losing sales because sales people don’t follow up.

It takes on average 8+ efforts to get a prospect on the phone.  However, sales people make on average 1.5 efforts to reach those prospects.  There is a clear disconnect between what’s needed and what is being done. Whether you are using an inbound marketing approach or an outbound account-based approach, both your team and sales management needs to have a repeatable process that’s transparent and reportable.

How can Cool Life CRM help you?

(1) Transparent reporting on notes and contacts: In just a few clicks, you can view any notes that have been added to prospects records. If you run a sales team of 10 people, and they would normally each spend an hour a day putting together a report of their daily activity, your team will gain 10 hours a day because the report can be run in just a few clicks. Cool Life allows you pull a report for notes for any timeframe. This is just one example of the powerful filtering, reporting and analytics that are available to you. Saves you time: The scenario described above takes just a few clicks to create. Also, it is a report that can be templated and set to run automatically at any time. If your team is spread throughout the world you can run it by division, geography or any other filter you need to apply. Just a few clicks and you have your result.

(2) Transparent Sales Pipeline dashboards and reports: In just two clicks, you can move from viewing a roll up of the sales pipeline for the entire enterprise, to a specific deal. Whether you are concerned about a specific division, or a specific deal, Cool Life gives you to the tools to quickly and easily view the decision making data. Your CRM will work for you instead of the other way around.

(3) Templated Sales Processes: Cool Life can create templated business processes that are transparent and reportable.  Missed sales deadlines get flagged for management follow up and coaching. You can create processes for each step of your pipeline and know that your team is following a prescribed pathway towards success.

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