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One of the most common problems businesses face with their CRM is pushback from employees. We frequently encounter situations where clients are choosing Cool Life to replace a CRM that offered no performance value, wasted tremendous amounts of time and money, and ultimately resulted in failure.

Studies show that if an organization can “effectively” use its CRM, it can expect a 40% increase in overall sales. Projections also indicate the potential for a 30% increase in customer retention. These numbers are meaningless if companies are forced to re-think workflow processes, just to accommodate a rigid and difficult-to-use CRM.

At Cool Life, we review your business processes and customize our platform to improve, not disrupt your business!

Our Outlook integration provides two-way communication between Cool Life and Outlook, seamlessly creating efficient control of projects, tasks, benchmarks, and scheduling. Stop worrying about project management. Our project management tools create a true sales process designed to rapidly cultivate the deal stage from prospect to client.

Strengthen and grow your sales team by giving them a clear and consistent roadmap to success. Optimizing the number and types of contacts will maximize your sales teams’ efficiency and improve outcomes. With just a click you can view and generate pipeline reports at any level. This gives sales managers the ability to easily identify any team members needing assistance.

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