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Outlook Integration

The problem that most organizations run into is that they spend a lot of money to implement a big-name CRM just to find out that their salespeople hate it. It’s a story that we’ve heard over and over again. We have a client who abandoned their Dynamics implementation after $250K of programming costs and almost a year of pain.

Studies show that if an organization uses its CRM, it can expect a $41% increase in sales per salesperson. And, the firm can expect a $27% increase in customer retention. However, CRM adoption is a problem.

Welcome to Cool Life which integrates Office and Outlook, or G-suite. You can keep working the way you do but have the added fuel of a CRM to power your sales and business process improvements!

Our Outlook integration gives you two-way communication between Cool Life and Outlook. All of your project tasks, benchmarks, and calendaring flows seamlessly between your CRM and the tools you use every day. You will even sleep better because you won’t be trying to remember what you forgot to do! Cool Life’s project management tools make the sales process a true business process that ensures steps are not missed and that clients are closed quickly.

You will be able to bring new salespeople into your organization, onboard, train, and know that they have a roadmap to follow. You can optimize for the number of contacts, types of contact, ect. You will know that your sales team is maximizing their time. Better yet, you can easily view and run reports on your pipeline as a whole or as individual producers so you know who to coach up. As a sales manager, your time is spent in the most effective way with the team members who need your help.