Security threats are everywhere!

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Security concerns vary based on individual responsibilities. Cybersecurity Experts shield data from intrusions and attacks. Compliance Officers ensure data use conforms with State and Federal regulations, and IT Managers focus on ransomware and intrusions that compromise IP from within. Cool Life’s security protocols protect client data at every level.

Cool Life’s impenetrable cloud storage servers utilize extensive cybersecurity measures. Our entire toolset is accessible via a secure client portal and every employee has a separate, secure login and password. Some businesses require secure portals to share data with clients. Cool Life’s safe and secure portals prevent sensitive information from being compromised through email spoofs or account takeovers.

If your business is subject to oversight from regulatory agencies, you most likely know, from experience, maintaining compliance can be expensive. Cool Life CRM is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory. We offer our clients effective solutions that maintain compliance at no additional charge. Our underlying database structure was intentionally developed with these requirements in mind.

Cool Life provides a valuable layer of protection by keeping data safe from your greatest risk, people! The most common cause of an internal security breach occurs when employees inadvertently introduce malware through a corrupt email. Cool Life not only mitigates these threats but also identifies where you are most at risk and why.

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