Press Release Cool Life CRM releases Contactless Patient Intake Forms

Cool Life recently released a new product for the medical community: Contactless Digital Intake Forms

Patients do not want to sit in waiting rooms to fill out paperwork with masks on. Regardless of age, we have found that people want to fill out their patient forms at home. They do not want to touch the clipboards and pens that everyone else touched. They are nervous about sitting in the waiting room with other people. And, they are definitely averse to getting the paperwork and going back to their cars to fill it out. Patients can buy cars online and don’t understand why they need to fill out paperwork with clipboards and pens.

SECURE Contactless digital forms are completed, signed, and submitted completely online. Cool Life is HIPAA compliant so physicians can be sure that forms are secure. Patients get a secure link or QR code and just fill in the forms. The office gets legible forms back and can even upload them directly into your EHR system.

MOBILE-FRIENDLY Whatever device or browser patients use it just works. Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop and whatever system, Apple, Android, or other. We made it so that physicians will never get a complaint and that their patients will appreciate the ease and simplicity.

EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT This is a fast turnaround and NO-Templates! Physicians get their paperwork converted to digital in 24 hours or less.

EASY-TO-USE Both office staff and patients will appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness of digital intake software.

ENHANCE EXISTING COVID-19 PROTOCOLS Contactless digital intake process will reduce waiting room crowds and eliminate pens, paper, and clipboards. It saves the office time sanitizing those items and reduces the amount of time that strangers are in the same room.


Choose a time to schedule a 10-Minute conversation and you will receive a 75% launch-celebration discount.

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