Bud Shea

VP of Enterprise Implementation

“Innovative, sustainable Business Models are driven by data. I love being part of the process of data from its raw state to becoming information to creating answers or directions that generate revenue. I help our clients migrate to our platform to implement a data-driven solution tailored to their business model and unique processes.

For 25 years, I’ve worked in business development through operational and data strategies for market-driven companies in the U.S., Europe, and South America. After data integrity is achieved, I find it rewarding to demonstrate expertise in streamlining process flows, customer analysis, and help increase ROI.

Outside of work, I’m a seasonal weekend warrior. In the winter, I ski, in the spring, I go white water rafting and camping, and in the summer, I water ski or scuba dive. Whenever possible, I play golf, or you can find me on my motorcycle.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my three beautiful daughters. My oldest is a Naval Academy graduate and currently serving as a Captain in the Marines. Her current assignment is as a communications instructor for Top Gun in Yuma, Arizona. I have another who is a talented graphic designer pursuing a degree with an emphasis on UX design. My 3rd is an entrepreneur with plans to open a coffee and bakery cafe.”

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