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Security from these guys?

Security means many different things to different people. To cybersecurity experts, it refers to hackability, end users might think in terms of HIPAA  or FINRA compliance, while executives think about ransomware and intrusions to steal IP. The Cool Life CRM platform offers solutions for all three of these constituents. 

Cool Life has extensive security measures to ensure that we are not hacked. Your tools (CRM, CMS, Project Management, Marketing Automation, Administration, and Reporting) are accessible from a secure client portal. All of your employees will have their own secure logins and complex passwords. Depending on the type of business you run, you may also need secure portals to share reports and documents with your clients. Using Cool Life’s portals for this ensures that confidential documents are not inadvertently compromised through an email account takeover or spoofed email.

If HIPAA or FINRA compliance are important to your business, you know from your research that it’s expensive. And yet, it shouldn’t be. The Cool Life CRM underlying database structure is designed to meet these two requirements. While other CRM’s will charge you additional fees, Cool Life does not. Our system is designed with you in mind. From the data structure to the administrative management tools, Cool Life will help you meet your requirements.

Finally, Cool Life has tools to help protect you from your most at-risk system…your people! While they don’t mean to, your staff is the most likely to cause a data breach by clicking an email link or inadvertently introducing malware into your system. We have tools that help you see exactly who in your organization is at risk and why. You will see who and how your team is being attacked.

If you want to find out more about this, set up a 15-minute discovery call today and get yourself and your firm protected!

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